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How Do I Know My Girlfriend Is Virgin?

How do I know my girlfriend is virgin? If you are asking yourself this question, it is because your girlfriend is not being honest with you. She might be having a relationship with her boyfriend or another guy and you haven’t heard about it. There are ways of knowing if your girlfriend is in a committed relationship with someone else or not.

If your girlfriend is really in love with you, she would never risk ending the relationship by having an affair with another guy. This is not right for any guy would want his girlfriend to sleep with someone else. Therefore, you would need some proof on your girlfriend’s part that she is serious about you and not with anyone else. You can get a little proof from her by asking her opinion regarding her present situation and what she likes and dislikes about you.

How do I know if my girlfriend is not cheating on me? If your girlfriend has been showing signs of having an affair with another man and has been telling you all kinds of weird stuff, then there are chances that she is not loyal to you. She would lie to you and would not hesitate to get intimate with other guys even when you try to get physical with her. You would need to step in and talk to her about why you think she is not being loyal to you. This would make her realize that she is hurting you and would stop doing those things.

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